How To Make DIY Furniture Forts During Quarantine

IKEA had a brilliant idea and has released instructions on how to build six impressive diy furniture forts with your cool furniture that you have in your home. People are going out of their mind as the government has ordered the quarantine back in March. Other than buying home essentials online, people are also starting to buy furniture online or buying parts of the furniture and making it a diy furniture project. Some people are even too lazy to go check out furniture they want to buy in the furniture store. There is no limit to what we can buy online and that is something and that is a perk for us. We can do various activities that can make our quarantine days at home not be as boring as it has been all this while.

Though if it isn’t much of a productive day you can try having a lazy day in a fort made out of the furniture you bought during quarantine! What other way we could entertain ourselves other than building forts. Why? Because forts are cool, and it’s for everyone that’s why.

Other than using IKEA’s furniture, you can also use any furniture but why don’t you choose the furniture from repro? Being stuck in a boringly designed home is dull. This quarantine is not for only a few hours or days, it lasts for months for our own and other’s safety to help decrease the spreading of the virus. It would be ideal for adults to revisit the ingenuity of childhood fun. For you to have fun and they can try this for movie night or a date night.

Just remember back when we were kids, always finding ways to amuse yourself. Whether it was nonsensical games or playing with toys building fortresses out of pillows and blankets. It would look like a mess but it’s the most comfortable and heartwarming mess.

This is one of the activities that could be done together that just brings everyone’s creativity to the test to make the fort the best version than before. This is going to be your palace or fortress, anything you want to call it. And with these blueprints from IKEA, kids and adults can both use it to make more memories. Let us put those living room furniture into another use other than their normal mundane use. Making it a cool furniture project for you and your family,

Let’s start it off with some DIY furniture fit for you;

The Fortress, this is a basic form of fort that is made out of couch cushions and a sheet over the sofa to make up a tent-like look. In the diagram there is a set of instructions that imitates IKEA’s famous flat plan guides to assemble the furniture to form as a fortress. So you could use the blueprint as a guide to use for other forms of furniture for example, 

diy furniture
repro furniture
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There are many ways to build a fort, as shown earlier is one of the ways you can do it. Though there are no limitations to how creative you can be building it. Making a diy furniture is fun and it can make as a bonding session between you and your family. Hose is the name for this classic creation. The things that you need are;  one of your cool furniture which is a dining table and a big blanket. Put it all together and there you have a cute little makeshift tent. You can bring in some pillows, popcorn and make it a movie night.

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Let’s mix it up with the Cave. It is the simplest you could try yet some people do not have the idea to do so. This is another way for you to mix up your cool furniture or even designer furniture that you have. All you need to use as an armchair, tuck a sheet into it then stretch it out from behind. Use anything that has some weight into it to weigh it down. Now you can have fun in your own little cave. You can use this as a guide for you.

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