What We Offer ID Professionals: Series 2 – New way of 3D modeling with Ai House

3D rendering of a living room via AiHouse

The tech of the future is here now

What can WE, as a furniture company, offer ID professionals what they don’t already have?

Is it the connections? The skillsets? Or the type of design ideas?

…Well, it’s something more than all of those combine.

The Reality of Interior Design Today

In today’s market, it is not uncommon for potential homeowners to request for a 3D visualization of the interior design concept of their new homes from their interior designers.

Doing so allows both the homeowners and interior designers to be aligned in regards to the design concepts, furniture design and placements, as well as colour schemes for their home.

In summary, it allows for both the homeowners and interior designers to agree on the “look and feel” of their new home prior to the actual renovation taking place.

Sticky Situation

Normally, ID professionals tend to visualize their creative outputs via 3D perspectives.

The first step for this requires designers to choose the furniture of their liking from the library in order to come up with its 3D model.

However, in the event that the 3D models are not available in the library, ID professionals are left with no option but to recreate the 3D models of the furniture that they desire in a 3D modelling software. This process is not only long and tedious, but a;sp incur additional expenses such as purchasing a dedicated 3D modelling software.

Once the long process of completing the 3D model is done, they still have a major problem;

How to ACTUALLY turn the 3D into reality.

How do you turn the ‘Before’ into the ‘After?’

Designers usually need to scout for matching furniture in the market. Now, this may seem easier than it sounds, but it is most certainly not.

They are faced with an abundant of difficulties on their search for the perfect furniture to match.

Sizes. Material. Design.

All three of the above needs to match so that they give out the same look.

Most of your average furniture stores do not have 3D models on standby to accommodate the requests of designers, making this problem an unavoidable one. Because of this, most designers tend to go for what’s readily available from the 3D library on the internet.

With repro however, we aim to change that.

How repro changes things

Just some of repro’s available 3D Max file ready furniture

All our repro project furniture contains 3D Max files that was built entirely from scratch by our team, so customers can enquire us for any of their chosen furniture and we will send it over to you for your own perusal.

Also, all of our products are ready stock, allowing customers to have their selected furniture within 2 weeks after they have confirmed the design with the designers.

The power of AiHouse

At the current time of writing, repro is the first ever furniture company in Malaysia to collaborate with Ai House, one of the leaders in cloud designing technology that provides a professional platform for home designing.

Because of this, not only are we capable of sending a virtual copy of our furniture to potential customers, we can also send you your very own dream living space, all thanks to the power of AiHouse.

Completed 3D rendering of bedroom space

Designing a proper living space is almost as simple as dragging and dropping the selected furniture models, combining all of the necessary furniture in order to make up a living space that is remarkably modern.

The repro enterprise account in AI House features over 1000 stock. All of our models in AI House makes life easier for aspiring designers who need to meet the high expectations of their client.

How repro makes your job easier

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