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Guscio Leather Arm Chair

With you in it, Guscio humbly emphasizes your elegance. When empty, this leather sculpture embodies the luxurious simplicity of your spirit.
Original Price RM27,800| Project Price RM 3,490

Mad Joker Lounge Chair

The Mad Joker embraces you, making sure you are comfortable and private. Assert your dominance while remaining friendly enough. These beautiful, odd curves invigorate any room.
Original Price RM18,400 | Project Price RM 4,790

Grace Dining Chair

Adding a simple yet fine touch of luxury modestly and graciously, Grace will be remembered like a unique fragrance.
Original Price RM6,960 | Project Price RM480

Hay chair AAL 82

Nothing says elegant like a circle. This reimagination of the circle fits into any setting.
Original Price RM5,500 | Project Price RM1,800

Hay Stool AAS 33

This stool stays simple and lets the details announce its consistent sophistication. The smooth curves and edges bring warmth wherever the stool sits.
Original Price RM1,300 | Project Price RM349

Flexform Tris

Poetry is not always complex; lines and circles simply rhyme like wood and stone. This coffee table delivers its purpose and then some.
Original Price RM6,900 | Project Price RM790

Hay Hee Outdoor Dining Chair

Modern, simple, functional, and sturdy. Is there more to the perfect chair? This chair stays wisely quiet, allowing you to unleash the creative, fun-loving person that you are.
Original Price RM1,100 | Project Price RM239

Chair Lina and Stool Lina

The sharp, fierce geometrical forms that turn out to be smooth and consistent bring all settings a unique balance that nothing else does.
Original Price (Stool Lina): RM3,500 | Project Price: RM 1,790
Original Price (Chair Lina) : RM 2,480 | Project Price: RM 1,390

In Between Dining Table

Rustic and modern meet In Between. This subtly suave dining table speaks excellence bluntly. This table elevates your dining room style, no matter what style.
Original Price: RM 7,630 | Project Price: RM 4,900

KBH Sofa

This exquisite blend of a robust oak grill and a soft, custom-tailored cushion can give any room the life every designer dreams of.

Original Price: RM 70,670 | Project Price: RM 7,500

Oslo Sofa

This pure, contemporary sofa is designed to make a bold statement. Its sharp, geometric lines form smooth shapes that easily dazzle.
Original Price: RM 17,000 | Project Price : RM 2,500

Peca Rima Sideboard

Rhythm and harmony epitomized! This sideboard awakens your imagination and lets you tell its story as you see it.
Original Price: RM 45,100 | Project Price: RM 7,500

Tailor Sofa

After fondly recalling memories of his grandfather’s favourite tailor shop, Portuguese designer Rui Alves returned to the past to find inspiration for crafting the Tailor Sofa. The idea was to celebrate the sofa in all its forms with a structured yet light shape and a sturdy wooden frame, designed for daily use.
Original Price : RM 28,430 | Project Price : RM 8,500

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We are a furniture company that specialises in supplying furniture for ID projects. We serve ID professional such as architects, designers, developers, and quantity surveyors.

Our showroom is located in SS2, PJ.
We carries mid century designer furniture –; and also ready stock furniture for immediate delivery –

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What Are Renowned Interior Designers and Architects Saying About Repro?

Repro is one of our references for loose furniture specifications. They have a good selection of products to suit the requirements of architects and designers. They are easy to work with, accommodating and resourceful. They give full attention and assistance to the need of the designers to achieve their design intents. They are very quick in responding to queries and requests for quotation. Repro has been very helpful in providing support to our designers from specifications stage to the deliveries of our past projects. We also turned to Repro when the project required immediate supply of furniture.

Repro was a great help to my project. First, they carry a lot of well designed furniture at good prices. The best part is the products are backed by a double guarantee, which means I have no problem ordering in large quantities. The shipping part at first was a bit worrying because my project was in Singapore, but they handled it well and constantly kept me in the loop.  Furniture are carefully wrapped and well protected. Nothing was damaged during the delivery. Their service was spectacular, fabrication of my furniture was done quickly and the quality was top notch. We will not hesitate to recommend them to all my clients and designer friends.

We have worked with Repro in many projects mostly involved bespoke furniture design and fit-out works. Good teamwork, prompt response, good communication and their confidence ensure delivery of projects on time. With wealth of experience in furniture making and ID renovation works, Repro certainly is your one-stop centre for the designers as well as the home owners.

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